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Episode 07: SEO and Reputation Management with Pierre Zarokian

On today’s show we have Pierre Zarokian, Founder of Submit Express and veteran search marketer. We get into SEO, reputation management, how the SEM industry has changed, and more! 

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Reputation management is 10X SEO.

Pierre Zarokian

Show Highlights

We asked Pierre the following questions:

  • How did you get started with SEO?
  • How important are backlinks today?
  • What are some of the challenges today in running Submit Express?
  • Tell us more about reputation management and what type of clients you typically work with in this space?
  • What type of marketing do you utilize for your own companies?
  • Where do you see the future of SEO going?
  • What is the process for repairing an online reputation?
  • Will voice search be important?

More from the show:

  • $500/month won’t get you the results it did 10 years ago – now $2 to $3K/month budgets
  • SEO as a service has gotten competitive – offshoring, local, more agencies, freelancers
  • SEO has gotten a bad rap due to people getting burned
  • Reputation management is a really involved practice – lots of work to suppress rankings – building assets, link building, reviews, blogging, social media posts, optimizing existing content, etc.
  • 10 properties at minimum for reputation management
  • Wild west in reputation management as far as paying people to remove content – its recommend to go through a reputation management company to handle this
  • On Yelp you can flag a negative review
  • If it’s not a first hand account you can ask Google and Yelp to remove (chances of getting removed are less than 5%)
  • If this doesn’t work you can try sending a legal letter to Yelp
  • Can go straight to the person but don’t offer money – if Yelp finds out your business could get flagged with a warning at the top of the page for 6 months letting people know you tried to pay to have a review removed (nothing in writing – if you do reach out do so verbally)
  • Ripoff report doesn’t remove anything unless you opt to pay through their paid program
  • Best thing to do when you’ve got a bad review is to increase the good reviews
  • Pierre has a program that will send a survey via text or email to your customers asking for a review – if it comes back positive than they get a followup asking to write a review on Yelp and Google and if they are not happy you can reach out before they write a review
  • And more!

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