36 | Jeff Byer – Chrome Dev Tools, Shopify, CCPA and Tech Talk

Today Jeff Byer (@globaljeff) talks about his experiment with workspaces in Chrome Dev Tools, the Shopify universe, upcoming project launches, real-world project issues, and tech talk.

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17 | Jane Lee: Startup Marketing with Shopify

Today we are speaking with Jane Lee, co-founder of LaunchPop, about her approach to launching startups and her pitch event to help 10 entrepreneurs with marketing and funding to launch their product.

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11 | Mic Pam: Ecommerce Development, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce

Today we spoke with Mic Pam who runs a digital agency that specializes in e-commerce solutions. Mic talks about the wide range of e-commerce platforms, shifting trends, marketing, and SEO solutions.

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