35 | Jeff Byer – Natural Language Processing and the BERT Update

Today Jeff Byer (@globaljeff) talks about the abundance of posts and information regarding Natural Language Processing and the BERT update.

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31 | Jeff Byer – Weekly Recap, Google Core Algorithm Update, Feature Creep

Today Jeff Byer (@globaljeff) talks about this week in digital marketing and recaps the findings from his projects after the Google Core Algorithm update.

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29 | Lily Ray – Link Attribution, EAT, Google Survey, Green Fish Wallpaper

Today Jeff Byer (@globaljeff) talks with Lily Ray (@lilyraynyc) about the Google link attribution announcement and its Twitter backlash, EAT, PubCon, Music, and green fish wallpaper.

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27 | Jeff Byer – Happy Labor Day Weekend

In this special video version of the podcast, Jeff Byer (@globaljeff) wants to wish everyone a happy and safe Labor Day weekend, and he runs down the upcoming guests for next months shows.

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07 | Pierre Zarokian: SEO and Reputation Management

On today’s show we have Pierre Zarokian, Founder of Submit Express and veteran search marketer. We get into SEO, reputation management, how the SEM industry has changed, and more!  More on Pierre: Website – Twitter – LinkedIn Reputation management is 10X SEO. Pierre Zarokian Show Highlights We asked Pierre the following questions: How did you…

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00: Introducing the Digital Rage Podcast

Welcome to the Digital Rage Podcast. Jeff Byer and Matt Ramage are the hosts that bring you digital marketing and internet topics every week. We have interviews lined up with leaders in the industries of SEO, Social Media, Marketing, Design and more. Here is a little more information about us.

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