05 | Esteven Gamez: Social Media Marketing

On today’s show we have Esteven Gamez, a social media marketing expert and founder of Keen Social. Lets get into it!

We have this new experimental department that we’re just trying out; it’s called social media.

From interview in 2009

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  • My background is pretty unique because I didn’t really start off in social media or really in marketing.
  • I ended up in hospitality for about five years trying to do marketing because I did an internship with Hilton going through college.
  • I’ve always loved marketing.
  • We have this new experimental department that we’re just trying out; it’s called social media. And I was like, what is that? They said, we use Myspace to be able to reach out to new audiences. And I was like, Oh, well, I’m on Myspace.
  • My job was to reach out to people who might have influence in entertainment to let them know that there’re all these new pieces of content online and possibly share it on their own portals.
  • After my internship ended, I still worked at the Hilton and I decided this is what I want to do for my career. This is super fun, it’s new, nobody’s really doing it, I kind of want to be at the forefront of it. And so I decided to create a proposal for my GM at the Hilton where I was at. And he actually didn’t like it. He thought it was silly and just a fad that is going to go away.
  • I decided it’s time to go on my own and my partner pushed me off the cliff and I decided to create my own agency and that’s where Keen Social came about. And it’s just taking all of my experience and bundling it up into one agency.
  • We’re a small agency at Keen and we’ve only dealt with influencers about twice because it’s a lot of work to create contracts with these people and get them to actually do what you want them to do at the right time and create the right content. It’s a lot of orchestrating, but if you do it correctly, and you have a good team, then it could lead to big results.
  • I know everybody in social media gets asked this question a lot and there’s not really a consistent answer, but is there a magic frequency for each one of the platforms that you post for?  
  • Honestly, I don’t live by that rule. I know everybody lives what is the proper amount of frequency.  To me, it’s finding a balance between paid social and organic social. And let me just explain to the audience what the difference is – organic social is basically leveraging the platforms as they’ve been created. So, it’s just creating a post. Paid social is when you actually take that piece of content and turn it into an advertisement.
  • When you have a strategy that is thinking of both – organic and paid, that’s what’s important. And when you have a budget for paid for your clients, then it really balances it out. If you’re only doing dealing with organic social, then I guess frequency becomes more important.
  • My rule is as many as possible, but most of the time that comes down to resources. Do you have the resources to actually have somebody posting three times a day? If you do, great. If you don’t, then maybe you should do four posts a week.  That’s when strategy becomes really important just trying to figure out how many resources do I have, how much time do I want to commit to creating content, how much content I need to actually produce. So, those are all the questions I kind of get spun into that decision.
  • Our golden rule here at Keen is consistency across platform is imperative.  Consistency in your messaging should look holistic across all platforms, but every platform is different. So you need to tailor that message to that specific platform.
  • Video is essentially everything.
  • Video is great for awareness. Whenever people just want to create an awareness campaign, just introducing them to a new service or a new product or even the fact that they exist.
  • Consistency in messaging once again is also important. So if you have a video that you want to publish to Facebook, then I would recommend publishing across all platforms at the same time, but also putting in on the landing page that they land on. Because once again, somebody might click on an ad and go to the landing page and if they don’t really see the same messaging on the landing page, then they get confused and they might drop off and they might not do the action that you’re trying to get them to do.
  • The reason I am in social media is that you could do so much with it. You can stay relevant with conversations that are already happening.
  • And more!

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