Episode 03: Smarketing With Tom Reynolds

Tom Reynolds joins us today to talk Smarketing and Accessibility. Tom runs The Reynolds Group and specializes in working with manufacturers.

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Why do you exist? What problem do you solve?

Tom Reynolds

Show Highlights

  • The way we sold those machines was to teach people how to write copy and communicate it at the point of sale. And I’ve always felt that was really relevant to the Internet world because you get about five seconds to capture someone’s attention when it comes to communicating at the point of sale as they’re passing a piece of merchandise.
  • And so, starting in about 2002, I switched over and started doing consulting primarily with manufacturing companies helping them with new technology, which at the time was websites, but we’ve gone on to do apps and other kinds of software for people.
  • Smarketing is a term I did steal. It is a real term out there. I think that actually the first people to use it was Hubspot. But, my interpretation of the word is that it really combined sales and marketing.
  • People are so enamored with this lead machine that a lot of it is Internet driven, that they’ve kind of forgotten the sales side of the equation.
  • I focus my marketing effort on helping people bring balance back in and bring in the sales side of the equation.
  • The balance I’m talking about is that communication and support on both sides – the sales supports the marketing and the marketing supports the sales.
  • You’ve got to be targeted with B2B a little bit more with manufacturers, then you are with say B2C.
  • People’s expectations is if they call you, they’ll ship you something overnight and the shipping will be free.
  • You really have to go after the quality and support the dealers and help them get leads and build a website that actually supports the dealer.
  • And more!

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