Episode 02: SEO Expert Jeremy Rivera

Episode 02: SEO Expert Jeremy Rivera

Today’s show features Jeremy Rivera, an SEO expert based out of Nashville. Jeremy lives and breathes SEO and works full time for Raven Tools and also does SEO in his free-time for companies. Jeremy’s figured out how to skip sleeping so he can work 24 hours a day. 😉

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Show Highlights

  • Lots of insights from Jeremy on SEO best practices, tools, and people in the industry.
  • Returning to simplicity in SEO.
  • Back to the fundamental question: What is Google trying to do? Google is trying to connect the persons intent with their search with the result they get. Our job is to optimize what we’re doing to fill that intent.
  • Case study: Painter that didn’t say what he did.
  • When performing audits he checks to find out what they actually do and makes sure that’s part of the SEO
  • Case study: Commercial photographer with just pics and no info on what they do.
  • “If you confuse you’ll lose” from Donald Miller. Bringing story into our marketing strategy is key.
  • A huge step is telling people what you do and what the next step is.
  • and much more!!

2019 is the year of Marie Condo in the SEO world. Look at processes and ask if they bring us joy.

Jeremy Rivera

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