09 | Kevin Indig: SaaS Marketing and Review Sites

Today’s episode is all about SaaS marketing,  featuring real world examples of how SaaS products need to market themselves in 2019. Kevin Indig is a SaaS marketing specialist who joins us and offers sage advice while sharing his wisdom and expertise in the SaaS field. 

Content plays an important role when your brand has multiple products.

Kevn Indig

About Kevin

  • Technical marketer
  • Starting next week as VP of SEO & Content at G2 Crowd
  • SAAS marketing expert
  • Currently a mentor for Growth at German Accelerator
  • Previously head of technical seo at Atlassian
  • Previously director of SEO at Daily Motion

Show Notes

  • Denny’s responds in real time on Twitter to the massive Facebook & Instagram outage
  • Exciting news in web development – A new CSS spec is being defined for CSS Aspect Ratio. This will eliminate many JavaScript tools that are used to normalize media.
  • Let us know more about your role as a technical marketer
  • Some strategies you’ve used in SAAS marketing & growth
  • With your new job as VP of SEO & Content at G2 Crowd what will you be up to?
  • Can you speak to the company pivot?
  • Some challenges you foresee
  • How will this change the SEO strategy?
  • How was it working at Atlassian?
  • We love tools here at Digital Rage, what are some of your favorites?
  • What does a SAAS customer of mine need to do to get more traction online, and with review & aggregator sites?
  • Adding schema to your website – saw small return in adding this so opted not to go this route
  • Schema best for ecommerce
  • Isolated landing pages used for learning and resources
  • What do your customers deeply care about?
  • Interview customers to find out pain points
  • Invest heavily into creating content to address pain points

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About the Author
Jeff Byer has been designing identities and building websites since 1995. He is the CEO and co-founder of Print Fellas LLC, and the President at Byer Company, a division of Jeff Byer Inc, a web design company in Los Angeles. Jeff has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California. He is a certified Project Manager by Franklin-Covey and has qualifications in Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, SEO, Bing Ads, and Google Ads. Jeff Byer is a co-author on 5 US Patents related to content management systems he has created on the internet.

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