20 | Matt Ramage and Jeff Byer: Review Previous Podcast Episodes

Today is a very special episode of Digital Rage, it is our 20th episode. We review all of our episodes and our key takeaways.

Episode 0 with Matt & Jeff:
From Jeff:
– We actually recorded episode 0 right after recording episode 6
– We mention our early January meeting that sparked the podcast

Episode 1 with Matt & Jeff:
From Jeff:
– recorded on February 1
– launched March 5
– Matt first mentions accessibility
– The purist shop talk episode
– We didn’t know what the show was going to be
– My email alerts kept going off, and my mic was too hot
– I had fired my advertising client for the first time
– matt mentions honeybooks and bonzai – are you still using bonsai?

EP 2 SEO with Jeremy:
From Matt:
– The year of Marie condo for SEO – back to the simplicity and processes. What brings you joy?
– Always check to see what a website actually does to make sure it’s in line with the SEO strategy.
From Jeff:
– Our first interview
– I blew it right off the bat, saying “CEO” instead of SEO
– Jeremy chuckled a little before answering
– I was nervous
– my mic was still too hot

EP 3 with Tom Reynolds – Smarketing:
From Matt:
– Sales needs to support marketing and vice versa. I like how Tom thinks and wants to figure out how he can increase sales with his marketing and projects he takes on. We also talked about accessibility on this show
From Jeff:
– I totally messed up the recording half way through
– I wanted to hear myself in my headphones so I tuned on input monitoring
– That created a doubling effect which made everything too hot and sounded like we were in an echo chamber
– we learn what Smarketing is
– I got to vent my frustrations with b2b manufacturing seo
– tom and I commiserate on the struggle with closing the loop
– not having access to the whole process, like sales and service
– We did an after-interview convo about matt’s concern about our audience not being broad, most people wont understand it
– I confirmed that I / we like to talk shop, and essentially our audience is us

EP 4 with Neil:
From Matt:
– Loved how he loves to build. He’s putting out great websites and a ton of them at that. I like how he’s found a niche and is sticking to it.. He’s referred me a few clients over the last few months that are not in his niche.  A coder with design sense!
From Jeff:
– I loved this interview even though my mic was still too hot
– Neal is awesome, I want to have a beer with that guy
– He joined the skype convo using his laptop, no mic or headphones, so were getting delay feedback from his end, and an angry dog in the background
– Talking shop about full stack development is very fun to me

EP 5 with Esteven and Social Media:
From Matt:
– He loves social. You could tell he really knows his stuff.
– With social you can get the word out there on a cheap budget and turn the needle.
– Liked his story about the recycle xmas tree program in Long Beach and how some social ads helped increase the awareness.
From Jeff:
– The first hint of matts name butchering, more on that in later episodes
– My mic was still too hot
– Esteven Gamez opens our eyes to social done right
– The impact of local social marketing stands out
– The Christmas tree recycling campaign
– He uses buffer, which got me to use buffer for the podcast
– Surprisingly, this was our first Skype hookup

Ep 6 shop talk:
From Jeff:
– Starts off with matts furious fingers typing
– My mic is STILL too hot
– This was right around the launch of the podcast
– I mention I am still working on technical stuff before launching
– We were still deciding on a podcast hosting platform
– This is our first mention of Privacy which is also a recurring topic
– I forgot about TAYL
– I was reminded of my idea of automating a podcast using TAYL to read blog posts
– Hot tool talk, and I started to use notion
– Matt, have you invited Pat Flynn to the podcast yet? 

EP 7 with Pierre / SEO:
From Matt:
– SEO has changed again. Smaller budgets aren’t doing what they use to do.
– He’s been larger in the past and has had to scale down due to competition but I like how he’s still at it and trying to figure out how to grow the biz. He’s also into reputation management, social, and web design.
From Jeff:
– Don’t take this the wrong way – I love it – but you have butchered some names and this was the best
– Zarokian turned into Zarkonian
– SEO is obviously one of our most popular and actionable topics

EP 8 with Brian Wood:
From Matt:
Great show! Easy to talk to and super inspiring. I like how he’s still hustling after all these years. He’s not resting on his success and his books. And liked how he gave advice to people just getting going. Just do it. Start putting up videos. Adobe and others are out there and could see you and your content.
From Jeff:
– Mic was way tooo hot
– Podcast just launched
– We changed the format to chat, then interview
– Instagram and facebook went down
– Love Brian Wood, he inspired me to create 6 minute training videos
– He mentioned going to Adobe Max – you still want to go together?

EP 9 with Kevin Indig:
From Matt:
– Another fun show. And it’s been fun to connect with Kevin after on twitter. Super knowledgeable in the seo space. And the growth and saas marketing area. Talked a lot about content and the role it plays. Just another reminder that if you’re trying to get people to your site you need to figure out what they need and give them great content. 
From Jeff:
– My mic is finally fixed!
– I pre-wrote my intro and completely stumbled on it
– Our most popular episode so far
– Mostly because Kevin has a huge following for SEO
– I mention my construction software client
– He did a great job using my client as an example of how to technically market them correctly.. which confirmed I was on the right path with that client

EP 10 with Michele Landis:
From Matt:
– Accessibility is super important and in this show we heard a ton about this space. After this show and others we’ve done on the space it’s become super apparent that we need to remove barriers for all. 
From Jeff:
– My mic is way tooo hot again
– Our first failed t-shirt design
– Also our first accessibility guest, matt had mentioned it in episode 1
– Live user testing was a main takeaway
– We first hear of accessibility trolls which is a huge problem

EP 11 with Mic Pam:
From Matt:
– We did this show twice so def a learning experience. Surprising to hear how far woo has come. Def will keep in mind for future ecom jobs if it’s on the smaller side and/or if wp is important to the site.
– Key takeaway was to really listen to what your client needs and find them the best solution. Sometimes we tend to offer the solution that we prefer due to familiarity but that doesn’t always translate to what’s best for the client.
From Jeff:
– The mic pam episode drama
– The first recording was so bad we had to do it again
– We learned about e-commerce
– And I was surprised that Magento was still a popular platform

EP 12 with Jonathan:
From Matt:
– Automation is important. But you shouldn’t automate a process that is broken or not working well.
– A good reminder for sure on systems and automation and how they can help save time.
From Jeff:
– Jonathan Tobin, programmer turned lawyer
– Helps us with our legal questions
– How easy trademarks actually are
– How a signature is still standard for executing contracts
– There are probably a ton of quotes we could pull out of this episode, before we started pulling quotes

EP 13 with Ali Cox:
From Matt:
– Loved hearing her passion for the industry she’s in.
– Wow. And also loved hearing how ag is using content marketing to market themselves – video, social, websites. Very inspirational.
– We could also take notes on what she’s doing and apply it to other businesses. Story is key. And what better way to tell the story than video and social.
From Jeff:
– My first guest! Ali Cox
– I state publicly that I am rebuilding print fellas
– Turns out it is going to be harder and more expensive than I thought
– But I am doing it because it is hard
– If I can rebuild print fellas, I can build anything
– We talk AWS, my new favorite platform
– we talk about ag and telling our customer stories
– I was in the middle if my 4 day website build nightmare and completely spaced out for the fist few minutes of the interview

EP 14 with Jason Siciliano:
From Matt:
– Another great example of putting out content that educates the consumer to who you are. Also love how he started the modern copywriter and is keeping it going. He’s helped a ton of people and in turn has been able to help himself from time to time with the site.
From Jeff:
– Matt talks about nuns and meditation – his trip to the woods
– I talk about the 4 day CBD website nightmare I was dealing with in episode 13
– I talk about posting my videos and an automated publish everywhere approach
– Jason was awesome
– He has the greatest job ever – buying thousands of dollars of tech and destroying them with robots

EP 15 with Rachelle Golden:
From Matt:
– More accessibility and the importance of it and how it’s hitting all types of businesses. She brought the legal side to the table and did a good job keeping it easy to understand.
From Jeff:
– Mat gets the guest name right, but butchers her company name
– Hat maker turned into hat macker, rachelle corrects him, and he tries to repeat it and says hate maker
– Super inspiring episode
– Matt talks crypto
– Jeff talks about buying drugs online
– Drag and drop bootstrap
– We did the intro after the interview – which I really like
– My favorite episode
– Got my to sign up for an online course and schedule testing and certification

EP 16 with Rob Taylor:
From Matt:
– SAAS marketing and his custom solution. Great episode. I’m excited to see where he goes with it. I feel at some point if he wants to scale it he’ll have to stop customizing it. But that’s just me. 
From Jeff:
– My second guest! my brother rob Taylor
– We discuss the medic update
– Matt discusses his cms, organic, and how he adapted it to conferences
– We talk tech stacks
– How to market an app
– Learning apps for certification qualifications

EP 17 with Shopify Jane:
From Matt:
– Too short of an episode but great to hear about what she’s up to. Look forward to following her and see how they do.
– She’s got some big clients already and I like her biz model as far as taking equity in a company. I’ve considered that over the years.
From Jeff:
– Shopify Jane!
– Another post interview interview… which I really like. did I mention that?
– She was busy and we started late, so although short it was a lot of fun
– I talked about that last weeks of my automotive contract
– Print fellas gets an actual start… sort of
– Matt mentions Gatsby, which send us down a rabbit hole
– Launch Pop – we were supposed to attend her event this month
– I expose my idea about tumerice
– Now that I think about the name, it sounds like tumor, which nobody likes
– We find out gary vee is a launch pop client which stirs the vee pot

EP 18 with Jason Reynolds:
From Matt:
– Super dense with info. Great to see the industry he’s in do content marketing. It really works in all spaces. I’m looking forward to seeing the updated site. As of now it looks pretty good so curious to see what more they do. Also great to hear that such a high ranking domain won’t rank if you don’t put in the footwork to do the SEO. Ranks for 261k in the top 100 now and in may it was 324k. They’ve been hit!
From Jeff:
– My 3rd guest – Jason Reynolds
– Matt talks about privacy policies and quotes his favorite lines
– Matt asks about headless and gatsby using the wordpress api
– I compliment Matt on his company IG account – looking good
– Matt explains his social process
– We talk about building basically a micro site within a huge corporation and huge global website

EP 19 with Steph:
From Matt:
– I believe she’s in her late 20s and super mature. It was inspirational to hear her story and see someone that is really thinking about a good life work balance and taking steps to make sure she’s happy. Working full time remotely and coding side hustles. Love it!
From Jeff:
– Listening to that episode on headphones I noticed I had a lot of interefence
– Sounds like a constant hiss – probably a power cable too close to an audio cable
– Steph Smith – the name that kept alluding me
– I forgot to hit the record button on our intro
– This was another post interview intro – like that
– We tease this episode 20 format
– Matt mentions what Google calls the June 6 update
– Algo update that effected his clients
– I mention the medic update and how this sounds similar
– I mention a years old schema code, that google just sent an error message for, which triggered my suspicions about an update
– Another mention of Gatsby
– Matt was a little distracted 
– We talked to Steph about remote work and distributed companies how Steph quit her job and redefined her life
– She calls in from Bali – how cool is that

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About the Author
Jeff Byer has been designing identities and building websites since 1995. He is the CEO and co-founder of Print Fellas LLC, and the President at Byer Company, a division of Jeff Byer Inc, a web design company in Los Angeles. Jeff has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California. He is a certified Project Manager by Franklin-Covey and has qualifications in Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, SEO, Bing Ads, and Google Ads. Jeff Byer is a co-author on 5 US Patents related to content management systems he has created on the internet.

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