00: Introducing the Digital Rage Podcast

Welcome to the Digital Rage Podcast. Jeff Byer and Matt Ramage are the hosts that bring you digital marketing and internet topics every week. We have interviews lined up with leaders in the industries of SEO, Social Media, Marketing, Design and more. Here is a little more information about us.

About Matt Ramage

  • Started at Earthlink in 1996 in customer support
  • Started building websites in 1998 – first site was for a good friend selling karmann ghias
  • Worked at a DSL provider called Zyan Communications in 1999 in the web hosting department
  • Led digital at a drug rehab after the dot bubble burst but the drive to Laguna Beach was brutal – left there to go out alone in 2001
  • Been running Emarketed since
  • Started doing SEO & PPC in addition to building websites in 2001
  • With SEO it was trial and error from the beginning and seeing what worked and didn’t work
  • Adwords certified with Google
  • Emarketed has been a Google Partner for over 10 years
  • Notable clients: World Gym, Winchell’s, YumYum, Quick Shade, Sector 9, The Bluegrass Situation
  • Started Organic CMS in 2000 which is a CMS with no plugins to manage and is super flexible
  • Been working in the mental health field since 2000
  • Have a 22 year old daughter
  • Been meditating seriously for 10 years
  • Member of Toastmasters International for 3 years

About Jeff Byer

  • First basic program in 1987, 6th grade
  • Started using Photoshop in 1989, got it from my cousin
  • Started building websites in 1997 with a partner
  • Built an intranet for Aramark
  • Started at Sony producing websites for TV and Movies
  • Co-wrote on 4 US patents related to digital publishing
  • Produced audio and video software for Sony
  • Left Sony to manage production at an Agency
  • Notable agency clients: Anheiser-busch, mcdonalds, nissan, nasa, disney
  • Became a partner at Dice Media in 2002
  • Started DDOP and LAMP dev
  • Started my quest for SEO mastery
  • Started Print Fellas in 2004
  • Started feeding my love for photography
  • Started feeding my love for food (hah) cooking
  • Started Affordable Recipes
  • Joined the Stevie G Band as Bass player even though I was a guitarist
  • Started hiking
  • Went back to being a solo agency around 2008 as Jeff Byer Inc
  • Made an album with the band
  • Band broke up when by son was born
  • Stopped hiking when my son was born
  • Focussed my business after my son was born
  • Rebranded to Byer Company, offering DDOP

Jeff Byer’s Interview with Voyage LA

What is the Digital Rage Podcast about?

DigitalRage.fm is a podcast about all things internet. From marketing to technology, we will discuss the latest topics and interview leaders in the industry.

Host, Web Designer, SEO
About the Author
Jeff Byer has been designing identities and building websites since 1995. He is the CEO and co-founder of Print Fellas LLC, and the President at Byer Company, a division of Jeff Byer Inc, a web design company in Los Angeles. Jeff has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California. He is a certified Project Manager by Franklin-Covey and has qualifications in Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, SEO, Bing Ads, and Google Ads. Jeff Byer is a co-author on 5 US Patents related to content management systems he has created on the internet.

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