30 | Jeff Byer – Weekly Recap, Breadcrumb Schema, Reviews Rich Results, Algorithm Updates

Today Jeff Byer (@globaljeff) talks about the news and updates for this week in SEO and Digital Marketing.

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Jeff Byer has been designing identities and building websites since 1995. He is the CEO and co-founder of Print Fellas LLC, and CEO at Jeff Byer Inc, a web design company in Redondo Beach, California specializing in Web Design and SEO.
Twitter @globaljeff
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Google Chrome on Android Will Provide Answers to Queries Right in the Address Bar via @MattGSouthern
Organic search responsible for 53% of all site traffic, paid 15% [Study]  
Barry Schwartz @rustybrick
Matt Southern @mattgsouthern


Jeff Byer: 00:08 Welcome to Digital Rage, the podcast about all things Internet and the people who make it great. My name is Jeff Byer and Today is episode 30. I can’t believe its been 30th. Already met some great people, had some great conversations and we’ll have more in the future. Just, it has been hectic lately, not only for me, but the digital marketing community in general.

Jeff Byer: 00:33 Those were the things we’re gonna discuss quickly today, but could not get a guest lined up but also didn’t have the time to really hound anybody down because of everything that’s been going on with the with the algorithm updates and the search console report updates and you know, having an ads campaign that completely spun itself completely out of Control and having to reel that back in all sorts of fun stuff. So I apologize, but we will get somebody more interesting than myself on the show next week. So as I stated, we’ve have a couple of, you know, we’ve had algorithm updates going on and there’s no real, there’s no real consensus on what is causing it and any type of issues that are surrounding it. It’s just that the algorithm update and may be directly related to the s structured data and search console reports.

Jeff Byer: 01:45 So let’s get straight into that because that was what woke me up this morning was all of my search console alerts about my breadcrumbs. So the way that I do my breadcrumb Schema is just on pages that need breadcrumbs. So the home page obviously isn’t going to have one. And when I have categories and deeper categories that I link to the, the homepage, then the next breadcrumb link is the category and then the next breadcrumb link is the landing page. And I always thought it was weird to link the page to itself in the, in the breadcrumb. So I never put the link in, I just put a span around the name of it so that I could have the item prop name in the structured data. Turns out that with this new update, Google wants the page linking to itself because it uses that link as an ID.

Jeff Byer: 02:43 So a, I’m going to have to go and fix my, my breadcrumb structure in all of my templates. And it’s kind of pushing me towards this unified SEO template that I’ve been thinking about for a while. But having a, a standard custom modular way to make updates like a schema and, and structure, it has nothing to do with layout or design or content. It is basically just an overall structure for pages, especially with categories and, and you know, any type of Schema or, or metadata that I can automate and be able to syndicate a template so that changes like this can be immediate across every one of my clients. But for now we’re going through one by one and changing them. So the first thing that I didn’t even think of adding when I first built the breadcrumb screen is position.

Jeff Byer: 03:51 So the, they want to know it’s not, you know, since they can show up in any position or not show up at all visually Google would like to know what position each link is in your breadcrumb. So I get that easy enough, you know, one, two, three homepage is one, category two and landing page three. Then I got penalized for missing field item. And so I was, I had an item prop, so it’s item list and then item for the breadcrumbs. That’s the Schema that it uses. And I had the item, I had assumed that the item would have been in the w by defining the Schema, but apparently I was wrong. And you have to actually define the item Schema in it and and the item is what I’m referring to as it uses the link as the item Id. So very interesting to, to get those corrections and I’m glad that I’m getting them corrected because, you know, this has been several years that my breadcrumb Schema has been just fine.

Jeff Byer: 05:06 So that is my rundown of the breadcrumb Schema. And since I was just getting it rolled out yesterday, according to Barry Schwartz and it’s still continuing to roll out, but I got this, I got two console alerts on two of my sites and that, and then they started to roll in and there keep rolling in. So this is going to be something that is going to consume a lot of my time for this weekend and next week, but I want to get it fixed because anything that shows up in in search console as an error is what we considered a high priority and we fix it as soon as possible. So related to that is the reviews rich results. So this has been kind of kind of controversial because it basically, John Mueller basically said that if you have res, if you have re star reviews and ratings on your site for your site or your products that are on your site, Google’s not going to count them because they’re self-serving.

Jeff Byer: 06:15 So it sounds confusing and everybody is trivial. You know, it’s always been worrisome that, you know, for one of my pages I just put this, the, the rating scheme Schema as static in there just to just to be in there. And sure enough, I got whatever rate star rating that I wanted out of that Schema because you know, I put it in there and it’s simple. But now Google is saying, all right, if we’re actually gonna put this in our search results, we have to verify this and verify it through a, a trusted third party, not just anybody. So that even if you get them from a trusted third party and you embed them onto your site, it’s still no good. And they’re not going to use them in that way. They’ll use them directly from the third party. But if you can manipulate it in any way possible by just displaying them on your site, that’s what Google is trying to avoid.

Jeff Byer: 07:09 So trusted third parties, which I’m figuring Google reviews are probably going to be one of the, the priority partners for reviews. And then there’s the yelps and the bbbs and you know, going on from there. But now it’s more important than ever to push your audience to review your site on any of the third parties where you are allowing reviews. So in, in local small businesses we point people in a number of places and it gets really confusing for the user, cause they don’t know where to go. And we’re, and we used to point them in several different directions. And now my unified point is the Google my business page. And I can, I have a deep link directly into the review, pop up for each one of my Google my business pages so that it’s much easier just to go in, write a quick, quick review through Google, having somebody signed in through their Google account who’s verifiable, knowing that they are a customer but not affiliated with the company in any way.

Jeff Byer: 08:21 Google likes that history, likes that verification. So that is the reviews, snippets algorithm updates. We touched on it earlier and they are, they are wreaking a little havoc. I’m gonna, I’m going to just take a quick look at semrush right now and just look at the graphs across all the projects that I haven’t semrush and see, see if I can see a a trend in how it, how these are being reported. So let’s go to, so what does the site I’m choosing right now is a they get most of their traffic through organic because they rank well for most of their pay, most of their key terms and they have a very low to modest paid campaign. So this’ll be something that I’ll be able to tell. The best, it’ll be a more clear and sure enough, yeah, there’s a market drop in, in traffic.

Jeff Byer: 09:47 Their overall position for their main keywords is, is the average dropped by a quarter of a percent, a quarter of a position. So not that big of a deal. But average, you know, estimated traffic dropped by quite a bit. So that’s a little concerning, but it may be just, you know, featured snippets are, are showing up and and solving people’s questions within the syrup, which that’s something that we all have to be okay with. Now. let’s go to the organic organic traffic insights and see if there’s any, anything fun in there that we can decipher. But not, I mean, not a ton of fluctuation now. And not a lot of tennis punctuation through the Algorithm update period. Users are up, sessions are up, pages per session are slightly down, but not, you know, that’s more of a content issue and an interface issue that we’re currently solving. Right now we’re in a complete overhaul redesign and a new, a new VP of, of 

Jeff Byer: 11:18 Of digital, not digital of, what am I trying to say? Oh, business development. A new VP of business development came in after we’ve already had our, our designs approved and page developed. He came in and he just wants to go through everything and verify our thinking before we move forward. So we’re kind of on hold with the full redesign of, of the page, but the full redesign is also going to be containerized and super fast. And the interface looks my Buddy Miro designed that and I’m really happy with it. Clients really happy with it. So we’re re reorganizing the content and making some, some landing pages for a PPC once, once we get past this roadblock and get approved. So that’ll be fun. And I’ll share that on Twitter once we, once we relaunch and I’ll send links out so that so that we can get some feedback.

Jeff Byer: 12:22 But yeah, so algorithm didn’t, didn’t hit that cipher very much, so not too concerned about it. So in, in some other news Matt Southern, he reported that Google chrome on Android is going to provide answers within the browser, not even at a, at a, a serp. So you know, trying to optimize for a browser is going to be pretty difficult. But since it’s a Google browser, you can guess it’s going to use the same algorithm. But how are we going to be able to report that we actually earned a, a featured snippet through a browser address or a, yeah, a browser address bar and not an actual serp with, you know, it doesn’t, I don’t know that it’s going to relay any of that activity back to the Internet if it doesn’t need to, especially if it works when it’s offline is a completely different issue.

Jeff Byer: 13:33 So lots of different things to, to bring up there. But for the most part android users probably have something similar like this or are testing something like this and it’s the overall percentage of people that are going to see this and the amount they’re going to reporting is remains to be seen. But my guess is it’s going to be pretty small. And in, in the case of, of where my client stand I am assuming it’s going to be insignificant, but I will be tracking it, testing it and making sure that if there is a way to track it, we have a way to track it. So and the next little piece of news is a survey result on organic search is responsible for 53% of all site traffic and paid is accredited for 15%. And so I’m pleased with that.

Jeff Byer: 14:41 That’s, that’s a, that’s good. I think you know, keeping their, the being the majority organic is still encouraging for SEOs and digital marketers and that it’s not, you know, Google doesn’t want to be paid a play, but they are respecting bigger brands more and they’re respecting bigger budgets more because, you know, if you’re currently, there still is a way in Google ads to overcome somebody’s ad just by spending more money. And reputation for a small company against a big company is very hard to overcome. So you know, history, a number of years in business and all of those different factors that they, that they look for in experience and overall authority and trust issues. The, the whole eat you know, system that Google uses, all of that is making things move a lot slower, especially if you have a brand new site.

Jeff Byer: 15:50 So all things to consider, all the sites that I’m building and rebuilding are all going to be focused heavily on user experience eat for the customer and linking out to resources citing other, you know, credible resources when we’re creating content. And also trying to get cited for our, my clients areas of expertise and, you know, building that ups and, you know, it’s been increasingly difficult to actually get my clients to to put a person to the content you know, take claim responsibility, be a real person so that we can work on authorship and and work on a reputation for this person. And if this person is an expert for the, you know, if they work at this company, they should be an expert using that expert as a way to verify the validity of the content that we’re putting on the site.

Jeff Byer: 17:04 It’s very difficult to get this done. A lot of people don’t want to do it. They don’t want to be a person. They want to stay private or they just want to attribute it to the company, which is fine if the company already has a stellar reputation, which is, is pretty rare. So working through those issues. But that’s that’s pretty much it. That’s all I have for today. Sorry, it’s short. Sorry that we don’t have a guest, but the the issues with, with clients and Google and, and updates and everything else is going on. I am completely overwhelmed and need to hire people. If you know anybody, let me know. Looking for a full time designer, looking for a full time programmer, a front end front end developer. So putting it out there, hit me up, Jeff at j, buyer.com if if you know anybody who’s interested. All right, that’s it. A follow me at Global Jeff on Twitter and on Instagram. I will start being more active on Facebook right now. It’s just a bunch of pictures of my son and as cute as he is, I think it’s pretty one dimensional right now. So I will work on being diverse in my content for Facebook and Instagram. So that is all my friends. Thank you very much for listening. Please consider giving us a rate

Jeff Byer: 18:37 In review on any of the podcast platforms that you grab on the phone for show notes and information for the digital rates. Dot FM. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram at digital rage at Bam, and please give us a rating review. Sincerely appreciate it.

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Jeff Byer has been designing identities and building websites since 1995. He is the CEO and co-founder of Print Fellas LLC, and the President at Byer Company, a division of Jeff Byer Inc, a web design company in Los Angeles. Jeff has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California. He is a certified Project Manager by Franklin-Covey and has qualifications in Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, SEO, Bing Ads, and Google Ads. Jeff Byer is a co-author on 5 US Patents related to content management systems he has created on the internet.

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